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1.       "We discovered Rainbow Horses at a time James had disconnected with life. He no longer wanted to live and was terrified of people and the outside world. There was nobody willing to help. Rainbow Horses bent over backwards to try to help him. The horses made a special connection and sensing his anxiety they would follow him, get under his blanket with him and eventually they coaxed him out. Through patience, support and nurture and with the security of the horses he began to reconnect. Sue built up a relationship of trust with him and it became the only place he would leave the house to go. Without Rainbow horses he would never have recovered, he's now happy, well and back out in the world. He still needs Rainbow Horses as he needs that safe place where he can let go of all of the anxiety he has, it balances the stresses of life out. He considers the horses great friends who never judge or let him down. The safety and support Rainbow Horses have given him made him want to live again, I cannot recommend or thank them enough." Nina

 "Rainbow horses means a lot to me because the people there like Sue Coombes are nice and caring and will do anything to make you happy.it also means a lot to me because of the horses there which help me feel safe and calm.I don't know what I would do without rainbow horses. Thank you rainbow horses for all you have done for me." James


2.        "I am convinced Jack needs some Zion time, seriously; he seems to be very ''ungrounded" at the moment, as if wary and on watch for something bad to happen. I haven't had these sleep problems with him for a while... months really, and as soon as we pull back on his sessions with RH it starts again; there has to be a link??...

 Jack looks at photos of Zion on Facebook and sees the difference, unprompted, of Zion as he arrived and how relaxed he has become as seen in his taste testing sessions. Jack so relates to Zion and I think needs grounding time with 'his horse' to make him feel whole again... nothing else I have tried, from the sea, music and relatives... nothing else seems to come near and connect with him in the same way.

 I honestly feel like I am beginning to lose Jack again as we did before and its almost that now he is free-falling in an alien world which doesn't understand him... I knew RH was helping Jack, but I think it has taken this break to make me realise that his time with you is not just beneficial, but essential to him (and not just phrases like 'emotional well being' etc, but really essential to living on any level). He literally cannot function without his time with you and your horses.

 Thank you really doesn't cover it... how can you thank someone who is literally bringing your son back to life? Words fail me.

 Anyhow, will say it anyway... Thank you. Friday can't come soon enough."


3.       "Just a quick message to say a thank you for working so hard to help Jack and me - every time we hit a stumbling block, you manage to find a way round it!

 I am often accused of either pandering to Jack or being too soft on him, but I am convinced by being kind, helping the world adapt to him, giving him a voice and empowering him to feel control over his own world is helping him gain confidence, build his self esteem and ultimately helping him find less challenging ways to express himself.

 He was totally exhausted and was unwell after yesterday's session, but in himself felt proud of how he had overcome his pain, fears, worries and difficulties. He is having a zero day today, but has been so articulate, calm, upbeat and easy to manage despite feeling rough that I know what we did yesterday has helped enormously.

 Why you are amazing is that you saw what needed to be done for Jack and walked him through it. I see it as the equivalent of getting off a horse that is spooking and terrified of an object, and simply leading it gently past the problem.... most other people would still be banging their legs on and using a whip to force the horse to 'get on with it'; leading only to increased fear and resentment at being made to deal with something scary.

 You must be snowed under with so many pressures and demands as RH grows and yet your continued patience and perseverance is an inspiration to me and us as a family. Thank you."