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Flick's page!

Flick is our new pony! Flick is black. He is a good riding pony, he has been to a riding school and was there for 7 years! Someone called Georgia bought him on the 1st of May 2013. She did shows with him. We got him on 7th November 2014. He is a fab pony! He's Welsh Section B cross Arab. So far he has done some jumping, some eventing jumps, some pole work, some transition work from walk to trot, trot to canter, walk to canter, then bringing him back. He's even done a little bit of galloping! The plan is for Flick to do some show jumping and gymkana games at local shows. He is good at ground work and you can put a beginner on him, he goes to different levels for different riders!

He lives with us at Rainbow Horses and Rainbow Horses is a really good place for people and horses! At Rainbow Horses, we sometimes go out for hacks and sometimes visit the local farm where there is an outside school that we can use. We help look after the cows and the bulls there!

Future plans for Rainbow Horses are:

Outdoor menage!

Our own herd of cows!

We are getting a goat shortly!

A pig!


A small pond!

We are looking for a good school master/mistress horse so if you know of one around 15.3 hh then please get in touch via our contact page!

Thanks for reading, we will be back soon with more updates!