Counselling and Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy

Our Theraputic Approach at Rainbow Horses

The following therapeutic approaches for children and young people are available at Rainbow Horses:

  • Integrative Arts therapy: Short or long term individual counselling through the arts using painting, drawing, clay, music, puppets, story-telling, drama, poetry and play.
  • Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy: Individual therapy with the inclusion of our horses as partners in the therapeutic alliance.


Our process of arts-based child counselling is focussed on the unconscious brain and processing difficult feelings through practical activities. Working in partnership with our animals is comparable to working with puppets or using drama, whilst activities such as digging or building are similar to sand tray or clay work. Our counselling is supported by our wide range of art materials, games that teach about emotions and alternative ways of engaging with challenging thoughts and feelings. 

By attuning and listening to our young people, supporting them to manage their emotions, remain regulated, and providing a low-arousal environment, we help them to feel safe enough to attempt new skills and prepare them to become active learners.