Meet the Herd

Pepito (Pepi)

Pepi was our first Rainbow Horse. When he first arrived he was quite nervous and had a few interesting habits! In the 10 years he was part of our herd he became a real gentleman. He was calm and reliable and he worked really well with everyone he came into contact with. 

Unfortunately Pepi passed away in 2019, but he will always be a part of our Rainbow Horses Family. 


Penny is the queen of our herd and has a very caring personality. She was born wild like Hazel. Penny is so friendly and gentle and has a very calming energy. She also has a cheeky side and enjoys tipping over the wheelbarrow when poo picking ! 


Zion is Criollo/Thoroughbred cross and is from Argentina. He is an ex polo pony so he has been through quite a lot in his past. He is about 40 years old and has come to us for his retirement. He has a quiet and calm personality and often comes to say hello to learners but can be a bit wary of adults due to his history.


Ruben is one of the 'gentle giants' of our herd. He likes to be with people and will often choose to be near those who come into the field. He is popular with our learners and often participates in smell or taste tests. As a result he has become quite partial to oranges, tomatoes and bananas!


Annie is our youngest mare and only piebald. As mum to Little Pete she is never far from him and keeps a watchful eye on anything he is involved with in the herd. She is friendly and gentle with our learners and is beginning to take over from Penny as our riding horse. She enjoys a good brush and some pamper time.

Little Pete

Little Pete is the baby of the herd and is the only horse to have ever been born at Rainbow Horses. He has a playful and cheeky personality and likes to investigate halter ropes and coat zips. Sometimes he even tries to play with Daisy the dog! He loves scratches and will often come to say hello in the field. 


Dolly has recently returned to Rainbow Horses after nearly four years away. Although it took her a little while to settle back in she is now comfortable within the herd again and is best friends with Ruben. She is very sweet natured and likes playing 'follow the leader' in the field with our learners. 

Duncan & Dolly Donk

Duncan and Dolly are the Donkey members of the Rainbow Horses herd. Duncan is only 18 months old and is very interested in the daily goings-on at Rainbow Horses. He lets us know if he finds something exciting with a loud 'Hee-Haw'! His mum Dolly is a little less trusting of people but is starting to come out of her shell. They live peacefully alongside our horses. 


Son to Dolly and Pepper, Dinky is our baby of the herd. He is very excited to meet new people and curious about new things. He is learning how to be a donkey from his parents and older brother.


Pepper has recently joined us here at Rainbow Horses. He is a new forest donkey which gives his fur its jet black colour. He is beginning to come out of his shell and loves a good scratch!


Hazel is an Exmoor pony from the Anchor herd. She has several large brands on her from her time as a wild pony. She is still very wary of people but we can now put a halter on her and lead her. She is very interested in learners and will come for a sniff in the field if you are calm and patient.